Prepare Your Home for Showing

After you’ve decided on the market price for selling your home and how you will market your home (things that are best decided between you and your realtor – ME!) now YOU need to get your house ready to show potential buyers.

Now you should put the finishing touches on things —  just like a quick housecleaning you do before company comes for dinner.


  • Keep your lawn trimmed, the rose bushes pruned, the weeds tamed.
  • Put away the garden hose and the tools.
  • Make sure the bulbs in your home’s exterior lighting fixtures are all in working order.
  • Be vigilant about removing flyers, handouts and newspapers left on your front doorstep or driveway.


  • Brighten the rooms by opening the drapes, turning on the lights, cleaning the windows.
  • Clear the clutter on the kitchen counter, bathroom sink, coffee table and couches.
  • Make all the beds.
  • Clean all your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • Do a quick vacuuming of the entire house, being sure to catch any cobwebs in the corners along the ceiling.
  • Take out the garbage!

If you have pets, find a safe place to keep them during a house showing: in the garage, in the basement or at a friend’s house. You may be having lots of people over (hopefully) and you don’t want your pet getting nervous, or worse, escape when someone accidentally leaves the door open.

Now It’s Your Realtor’s (ME!) Turn:
Try to be away from home during a showing.  This gives potential buyers more freedom in asking questions or making observations about your home.  But if you do happen to be home when the potential buyers arrive, greet them at the door then politely excuse yourself. Make yourself scarce or go take a walk. It’s easier for a buyer to picture himself or herself living in the house when you’re not there. This is your home’s time to shine.