Visting Your Potential New Home

Once you know what you want in a house where you want it to be located and what you can afford for it, it’s time to check out the houses for sale. To help stay focused, bring with you a checklist of things that you’ve decided ahead of time are important qualities of your future home.

These might include:

  • Is there enough room for you to grow in if you’re planning a family?
  • Is the house structurally sound?
  • Is the house in move-in condition or will it need work?
  • If it needs work, how much work and what is the time frame you have to complete that work?
  • Is it close enough to everyday needs, such as grocery stores, schools, work?
  • If you need public transportation, is there anything nearby?
  • Will you feel safe here?
  • Do the appliances that are part of the sale function properly?
  • Is the backyard or front yard right for your needs?
  • Are you happy with the floor plan?
  • Is there enough storage either in a basement, garage or outdoor shed?
  • Will you be happy in this house in all seasons: winter, summer, spring, fall?

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